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Metal Gear Funnies Metal Gear Funnies

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Pure Brilliance

Better than the stupid official one any day. So many hilarious pieces of satirical comical gold it should be harvested of it's precious minerals by early 1900's prospectors. I don't think there was one I didn't laugh at it was just that damn funny. This is what collabs are about, this is how they should be done.

This, is brilliance.

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link gets teh stolen!!!!! link gets teh stolen!!!!!

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Woah... Better call the fire department.....

Because I just came in ma pants again baby! YEE-HAW!

Nice work.

32-Bit Tournament-1 32-Bit Tournament-1

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

Trying something new? Thats laughable.

Gotta admit this is about as new as new gets. Oh if you overlook the fact you practically stole the style of MK vs SF, the premise of SMBZ (btw not all of us like that bull shit), the lame joke style of Randy Solem fame, and practically the idea of 90% of all the other fucking sprite movies that manage to find a way through Newgrounds. Yes, this movie has originality out the ass.

I'm trying to be fair here but Jesus H Christ this movie is just a rip-off of other movies ripping off games! Theres absolutely no fraction of originality anywhere in this movie whatsoever! The sound effects were down right nauseating the way you used them and the humor was corny and lame. I dont even want to talk about the animation (or lack there of) aspect of this movie.

This movie is just another stock series that'll please stupid kids and then fade into oblivion rotting away in the catacombs of Newgrounds, way to be average.


D4ilytoons: Best of Sept. D4ilytoons: Best of Sept.

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Loved it.

Trixiaoyou is right! Why dont we go take a trip to the flash he just submitted where he worked so hard on his fucking storyline, a sprite tournament, way to push the envelope friend..

Very nice work from the month of September and i'm sorry about not submitting anything for awhile i've been breaking in my tablet and I hope to get a movie to you guys soon (hopefully by the end of the week)


earthsick earthsick

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I got to this too late!

I'm sorry, if I had seen this before I would of voted it to try to get it into the top 5, but by the time I got here I was too late. Funny thing, if you put Zelda references in this movie, you probably would of gotten the position (as noted by the daily 1st and 2nd).

This is some trippy stuff you got here, very bizzarre music, and I'm the kind of guy who listens to The Mars Volta for hours on end. Animation wise I liked it, you took the risk of making it like this, and most compitent people will enjoy it, I know I did. This movie had actual animation, it was weird yes but it was enjoyable to watch none the less. Was it perfect? No. Will some people not like it? Of course not. But if they dont have any kind of rhyme or reason for hating it then they should go watch Super Mario Brothers Z Episode 9, I think thats the one where Alvin doesn't animate anything.
Bottom line, this movie DESERVED top 5, but because the Newgrounds population is emassed with teenage morons, it wont get there, and for that i'm sorry. It always sucks when someone creates an original idea and doesn't get rewarded for it.
Anywho, keep up the good work.

notorious responds:

lmao thanks for the good review

Metropolis Circuit Metropolis Circuit

Rated 5 / 5 stars

A treat to both the eyes and the soul

So long have I awaited the arrival of this flash, counting down the days, constantly checking the deviantart and newgrounds pages for updates on when it would be done, then today I got that message, It'll be here soon. So after college I hopped on my computer and noticed this little flash in the under judgement section, called Metropolis Circuit. Well without even hesistating I cracked this sucker open in a matter of seconds.

To my recollection this is the longest I was waiting for a flash movie ever since ZSL's Squaresville movie. I wasn't dissapointed then, and I'm not now. This movie was simply astonoshing. As the first of the movie we are not told much about why everything is going on as you stated, thats fine. But we do get treated to an action packed sequence of roller skating on sky scrapers and stuff of that nature.
The graphics are absolutely breathtaking, when I saw this it was incredible, the city, the sky, and the characters we're all incredibly detailed and everything oozed quality out of every crevice imaginable.

soundwise, Xenon by Mr. T shocked me as the choice of song, at first I was like, "this will be interesting," but it worked very well to my surprise. Unfortunately there wasn't too much dialouge in between the characters so I can't really comment on the voice acting. Perhaps in the next one.

A fantastic start to a fantastic series, and really inspiring to get off my lazy ass and work on a flash movie for a change. It's people like you and ZSL that make me want to push my flash skills and to try to make something that can rival the overall quality of this animation. You're hard work has paid off.

The only thing i'm worried about is when the next one is coming out, I hope I dont have to wait too long.

rtil responds:

I will make sure that the next one does not take this long. I learned a lot about how long it takes to do a full-blown FBF feature, and how to make the production move a long much faster. the next one will be longer, and have more dialog. it iwll be like a prologue to the real story behind freetown.
i am glad you were not disappointed. i tried not to overhype it or anything, even though i knew people knew i was working on this. i didn't want to disappoint anyone graphics-wise, and that's what this cartoon is all about.

thank you very much for your review, i'm glad you enjoyed it. good luck with your flash movie. :)

D4ilytoon # 336 D4ilytoon # 336

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I tip my hat to this dailytoon

MS paint huh? Very impressive work. Althouugh the second one wasnt't as animated, I definately felt like I was watching an anime for a minute there. Good job.

World of Warcraft Hentai! World of Warcraft Hentai!

Rated 5 / 5 stars

You are my hero

OMG, this is some of the funniest shit i've ever seen. I've heard the sound byte before but it is definately the animation that made it seem so funny, depicting obese 13 year old people as obese 13 year old orcs is a stroke of genious!

It doesn't matter about animation this thing is hilarious, the flailing and the fast movement just adds to the experience, and when the father (I'm assuming that the father is the guy with the girly hair, glasses, and hot pants) turns off the computer by ramming his body into it repeadtly.

I dont care what anyone says, this one is going right to my favorites for being so awesome. You, good sir, are awesome.

(P.S you also pissed off alot of kids by lureing them in with porn, you get bonus points just for making them unhappy)

Brick-Toppp responds:

Everybody who reviews 0 is a frustrated masturbator. This is the truth

Chris Benoit Tribute Chris Benoit Tribute

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Burn in hell you jackass.

Ya know, being a WWE fan (it's my favorite soap opera) Chris Benoit was one of my favorite wrestlers. And now he roid raged his family to death. First Gurerro (is that how it's spelt) now Benoit.

Ya know what, this tribute was well deserved. Benoit is a fucking piece of shit, and if I had the chance to add anything to this, id just slap a big FUCK YOU BENOIT on a white background. This guy does not deserve to be idolized, he needs to go fuck Satan.

Joey's Bright Idea Joey's Bright Idea

Rated 4 / 5 stars

You're more depressing than 3 dead babies.

Heres how it goes. I like your work.. Nothing will ever change that. No matter how much you want to whine and complain about your animation, it still does my heart justice to see you bring your works here. But whats with all this disclaimer nonsense... You have to slap warning labels on your animations on how bad they are!? what a shitload of fuck!

You are your own worst critic! This animation wasn't the best, I'll say it right now. I think you tried too hard to be funny in some places (afterall how much can you say about bees), but the animation was superb. Not tweenfest '07 as you make it seem.

Have some confidence in your work. Ya know, it's kinda ironic how all the big name animators out there (IWP, Knox) have little to no talent in entertaining people, yet there so full of themselves! You, on the other hand, have so much more on them its not even funny, but you have absolutely no confidence in your abilities.

A modest review, by a modest fan.

Frazzle Snazzle..

ZekeySpaceyLizard responds:

Knova586 (2:22:59 AM): wrote a review for joey's bright idea
Knova586 (2:23:16 AM): i think it accurately portrays what i stand for
Knova586 (2:23:23 AM): no, im not yungjazz
Knova586 (2:23:25 AM): now go die